Will I receive a refund if COVID-19 affects the home schedule?

Yes, students will receive refunds for games that are canceled or played without student attendance permitted.

Can we purchase this pass online?

Yes, click HERE and login to you Ticketmaster account. Please note your password is not the same as your OKEY password. If you have any trouble during the process please call or text the ticket office at 877-255-4678. 

What all is included with the All Sports Pass?

The All Sports Pass allows entry to every regularly scheduled OSU home sporting event for the school year. This includes soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball. Please note, some sporting venues have a more limited capacity than others and may fill to capacity. We always recommend arriving early to secure your entry and seating location.

What are my payment options?

All Sports Passes can be purchased online with a credit card or your OSU bursar account. If you prefer to pay with check or cash, please visit the ticket office on the corner of Hall of Fame Ave. and Duck St.

Is this pass for both semesters?

Yes this pass is good for the entire school year.

How do we get the student ticket?

The All Sports Pass is a mobile only ticket. In August, you will receive an email from OSU Athletics with instructions on how to download the bar codes to your phone to be scanned upon entrance to our events. 

Can I get my student ticket printed?

No. It is HIGHLY recommended you download your mobile ticket prior to game day. All tickets can be downloaded to your mobile wallet for easy access at the entry gate. If you are having an issue, please call or stop by the ticket office. If you do not have a smart phone, contact the ticket office.

Is there a date when we can’t purchase this pass anymore?

No, you can purchase this pass at any time during the school year. However, we recommend purchasing before the first home event to gain full value of the pass.

Where can students sit for games?

There are designated student seating for football & men’s basketball. Students can sit in GA areas for all other sports. See the maps by clicking here, then on each sport.

Is seating first come, first served?

Yes. You cannot save seats, so we recommend entering the stadium with the people you want to sit with for the game.

What is the difference between the all sports pass and the all sports guest pass?

The All Sports Pass is for OSU students to attend all regularly scheduled home sporting events for the school year. The All Sports Guest Pass is an additional $250 that allows you to bring a guest to all sporting events. The guest will sit with you in the student section and may change each game.

What is the difference between the single year All Sports Pass and the multi-year All Sports Pass?

The multi-year All Sports Pass will be auto-renewed each year you are enrolled at OSU. It will lock in the price of $250 and be charged to your bursar account each August. The single year All Sports Pass will only cover one school year. 

Can I cancel my multi-year All Sports Pass?

Multi-year All Sports Passes are only cancelled if you no longer attend OSU or join the staff of OSU Athletics. If you have an extenuating circumstance, contact the OSU Ticket Office at 877-255-4678 or by email at for more information.

What are the options for parents to come to games with their students?

Parents can either purchase a season ticket or a regular single game ticket through They may also use their student’s Guest Pass to attend a game and sit in the student section.

Are there single game student tickets?

No. There is not a student price for single games in any sport. Students can purchase a public single game ticket for football. Prices vary by opponent (usually $35-$100).

Can you share your sports pass with others?

No. The All Sports Pass is only for OSU students. If a student is caught selling or giving their ticket to a non-student their pass may be suspended and further disciplinary action may be taken.

If I am a student-athlete or member of the OSU Band, do I need to purchase a pass?

Most student-athletes and band members receive a pass. However, we recommend checking with your Coach or Director to confirm your pass status.

Does this pass work for away games?

No. The pass works only for OSU regularly scheduled home events.

What is my banner ID?

The banner ID (also known as CWID or Student Number) is the 8 digit number on your ID. It often begins with the letter “A”.